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== EnglishCaddy==


EnglishCaddy began in 2007 as a simple Yahoo! Group allowing for the consolidation of information for the use of students of English at the University of Strasbourg (then Université Louis Pasteur). Since, EnglishCaddy has developed its own internet presence and continues to provide English learners with goal oriented language acquisition through the use of films, litterature, exercises, interactive lessons, audio and more, as well provide a center for optimal student/teacher communication and interaction. EnglishCaddy is still expanding with new ventures, including the publication of Métaphore, a literary and scientific review magazine available in print versions in France and globally available via the internet.


  • Fall 2007 creation of Yahoo! Group
  • May 2008 launch of student web page
  • August 2009 first broadcast of EnglishCaddy Live!
  • May 2010 soft launch of teacher wiki EnglishCaddy Wiki on wikia (full launch scheduled for summer 2010)
  • Summer 2010 publication of Métaphore

Highlights of EnglishCaddy.orgEdit

  • EnglishCaddy University is a series of university lectures from aroun the world available in video form on Wholly contained on the web site, these lectures and classes count over 600 hours in the areas of Arts and Sciences. The purpose of ECU is to reinforce the students' area of study while learning important vocabulary in English.
  • EnglishCaddy Radio is a collection of audio dramas currently produced by amateurs radio producers. This helps student actively engage their imagination to improve listening comprehension.
  • EnglishCaddy's online library. contains fiction, non fiction and reference materials, allowing students to explore the literature of English, research information and look up vocabulary and grammar. All free of charge.
  • EnglishCaddy Cinema: a collection of feature films (in streaming or by download) arranged by level. Advanced, intermediate and beginner.
  • TOEIC Test preparation: for students only (approval required) helps students understand what is needed to achieve good scores on the TOEIC test.
  • C.V. materials: for students only (approval required) allow student to create a CV in English
  • Language development: EnglishCaddy uses a wide variety of online materials to help students increase their use and knowlege of the English language. Example activities include games[1], video lessons[2], listening[3] & reading[4] activities, and pronounciation modules[5].


EnglishCaddy's popularity has been growing. Currently as of publication of this article EnglishCaddy has 387 active members with an average of 22 users using the 40 minutes a day. EnglishCaddy's presence has also widely expanded as an active producer of videos on YouTube, also actively participates on Twitter, DailyMotion, JustinTV, Facebook, Blog Talk Radio, BlogTV, as well as many ESL forums.