Cine of yesteryear

Following much of the same aspect of Audio Dramas, EnglishCaddy Cinema provides many feature length films to help students to increase their exposure to English.

Feature Films[1]Edit


90% of the films on EnglishCaddy are in the public domain and can be dowloaded directly to your computer. Only films on EnglishCaddy with the download button activated are available for download. To begin downloading simply right click the "download" button and save the target to your computer.


Most importantly the films on EnglishCaddy are reviewed and classified according to comprehension level. This allows the viewer to first selec the level he/she believes to have, then choose a film they find interesting. Criterea used is based mainly on the films presentation; clarity of plot lines, voice (accents, speed, etc.) and visual (does the visual compensate for missed or difficult dialogue.) Films on EnglishCaddy are classified as follows:

  • Accents clear, actors speak clearly
  • More action than dialoque. Understanding of dialogue not needed 100% to be able to follow the plot.
  • Simple uncomplicated plot easy to follow
  • Slightly more complicated plot line or multiple plot lines
  • Natural speaking. Actors don't use stage voice
  • Complete understanding of dialogue is needed to follow plot lines
  • Complex and multiple plot lines
  • Natural speaking with several or difficult accents
  • More dialogue or all dialogue, complete understanding of dialogue is needed to follow plot lines.
  • Humor difficult to follow (sarcasm)
  • Period language. Film uses older forms of English based on setting.

Film FestivalsEdit

thumb|300px|right|Thriller Film Fest trailer

Thriller Film Festival[5]Edit
In September 2008, timed with the launch of, EnglishCaddy sponsored a simultaneous live and online film festival of thriller/horror/gore films. Originally scheduled to run only until Oct 31, 2008, the online portion of the festival was "resurrected" in December of that year by popular demand. The Thriller Film Festival is now a permanent feature on EC and includes many of the old classic tales of gore and horror from the golden age of cinema.
Cartoons/Dessins Animés[6]Edit
Currently running on EnglishCaddy is a Superman film festival featuring all the 1940's Superman! short cartoons created by Max Fleischer.
Featured ShortsEdit
Planned for December 2010, EnglishCaddy will be hosting a Short Film Festival. Films are currently being reviewed and will be chosen based on their use of language.