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EnglishCaddy IRC (Internet Relay Chat[1]) is a place on the internet where students and teachers alike can get together and discuss just about anything, from English grammar, to vocabulary, to travel experiences, to weather.

Launched July 2010 #EngishCaddy was developed using the mibbit IRC client and is accessible from both EnglishCaddy Wiki and If you already have an IRC client, you can access the chat directly by typing the command /join #EnglishCaddy in your current IRC client.

#EnglishCaddy @ MibbitEdit

Mibbit as an IRC client has many built-in features to make communication in the chat room a richer experience. Click here for a detailed list of Mibbit input options.

Sound notificationsEdit

Is someone talking to you? If someone in the room types your name, or sends you a PM (Private Message) you will receive an audio notification.

Picture sharingEdit

Have you found a picture on the internet that you would like to share with the chat? It's easy with FireFox. Simply right click on the picture, then select (Copy Image Location/Copier l'adresse de l'image) next right click in your chat line and select (paste/coller). When you hit enter, the image will be available in the chat dialogue.

Private MessagingEdit

Want to say something in secret to another chatter? Just click on their name in the user list A drop-down menu will appear an you simply select PM. This will open another chat tab, where you can discuss in private.

File uploadsEdit

Do you have a file you would like to share with the chat? Simply click (upload file) at the bottom of your chat dialogue and follow the directions. Any file can be uploaded on to #EnglishCaddy.


The standard smilies apply. Happy :) Sad :( Very Happy :D Tongue :p Wink ;), etc. These will be replaced with emoticons when you enter them into the dialogue.

Minify URLEdit

Sometimes you want to share a web site with your fellow chatters but some of the url's are way too long. Use this feature at the bottom of the dialogue box to 'minify' your url so that you leave less clutter on the screen.


Choose which langauges you want to read and chat in. (not reccommended if you're here to learn English!)

Chat CommandsEdit

The following are a list of simple chat commands to make your chat experience more enjoyable.[2]


Type /away reason - if you are leaving your computer
Example: /away to get coffee
What it looks like:
--- yourNick is away (to get coffee)
Type /join #channelname -- to join a channel of your choice
Example: /join #bossmom
What it looks like:
[18:44] *** Now talking in #beginner
--Op-- bossmom has joined the channel
[18:44] *** Topic is 'Beginner's Help/Chat Channel....All Are Welcome Here!! ®© [ENGLISH]'
[18:44] *** Set by X on Sun Jul 23 16:10:34
The /me is an action message.
Type /me 'does anything'
Example: /me waves hello
What it looks like:
  • bossmom waves hello
Type /msg nickname (message) to start a private chat.
Example: /msg puddytat Hey tat, how are you?
What it looks like:
-> *puddytat* Hey tat, how are you?
/nick changes your nickname
Example: type /nick newnickname (limit 9 characters)
What it looks like: I typed /nick luv2quilt
      • bossmom is now known as luv2quilt