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thumb|332px|right|Grammar Girl on YouTube Looking for quick tips and easy ways to remember those pesky little grammar issues. Grammar Girl is just the thing for both students and teachers alike.

Affect vs. Effect[1]Edit

Grammar Girl is associated with Quick and Dirty [2], a site that seems to be dedicated to making our lives easier by making things simple. Many times as teachers we can get caught off guard with a question. While we know the answer after years of study and experience there is always that one question that can for a brief moment escape us. Revision is always good and Grammar Girl provides weekly podcasts and articles addressing some the more interesting and controversial grammar points in the English language. For example: when to use 'lay' and when to use 'lie'[3]: the use of masculine or feminine nouns[4]; ending sentences with prepostions[5], etc. The podcasts and articles are well researched, susinct and enjoyable.